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We prefer using the term partner over client. By working with partners, there is a higher level of trust and collaboration that goes into a project leading to measurable success.

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We believe success is the result of preparation, hard work, and experience. We take a collaborative approach to everything we do and plan customized solutions that meet your goals. By deep diving to understand the needs of your business, we create intentional, thoughtful ecommerce experiences tailored for success at the highest levels.

  • Industry research
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Customer Experience Review
  • Strategic Roadmapping
  • Campaign ideation
  • Conversion Rate Optimization


A cohesive visual and verbal experience that communicates the value of your company is essential for success. We aim to create look and feel that is distinctly recognizable, relatable and builds trust with your consumers through education and authenticity. Whether you're just starting out or need a refresh, we'll make your story a bestseller.

  • Creative & Art Direction
  • Tone & Key Messaging
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Asset Creation
  • Package Design

Web Design

We pride ourselves on impeccable design. Our process presents high fidelity prototypes in an open and collaborative manner, to ultimately drive business objectives and effectively communicate with your target audience.

  • Moodboards
  • Figma based prototyping
  • High fidelity Designs
  • Assets Creation
  • Product renderings
  • AR prototyping


We handle everything you need to get your newly designed site up and running. Our sites, built on Shopify, deliver a user-friendly experience not only for the consumers but tailored towards your business needs. Using modern mobile-first approach and following industry best practices, we ensure that your custom digital experience will reflect your brand and provide a great ecommerce experience for your consumers.

  • Custom theme development
  • App integrations
  • Analytics & pixels
  • Catalog refactoring
  • Accessibility - WCAG 2.0 AA
  • Launch & post launch support

Custom Applications

Need more out of Shopify? We build custom apps to meet your specific business needs and ensure you are getting the most from the Shopify platform. Our goal is to create custom solutions that will enhance your customers’ e-commerce experiences and automate the parts of your business that you value the most.

  • 3PL and ERP integrations
  • Custom applications
  • Enhanced Shopify functionality
  • Data migrations

We have worked with an array of industries from beverageBeverage Image to supplementsSupplements ImagefashionFashion ImagekidsKids ImageelectronicsElectronics ImagelifestyleLifestyle ImagewellnessWellness ImageCBDCBD ImagemusicMusic Image, and artArt Image.

Beverage ImageSupplements ImageFashion ImageKids ImageElectronics ImageLifestyle ImageWellness ImageCBD ImageMusic ImageArt Image

Meet the team 🔥

Chris Pointer


Mack Johnson

Director, Client Services

Desirée Walko

Director, Development

Jeff Jenkins

Director, Design

Chris Aziz

Director, System Integrations

Jen Johnson

Director, Operations

Ryan Blaind

Head of Strategy

Juliana Remus

Senior Project Manager

Sean Campbell

Project Manager

Leah Cushing

Team Lead, Client Services

Sam Lutter

Team Lead, Client Services

Emily Charette

Account Manager

Stacey Rich

Account Manager

Nicole Hutchinson

Account Manager

Dustin Peter

Team Lead, Design

Sam Brown


Katie Wiseman


Jesse Virag


Amy Brown


Becky Putnam

Team Lead, Development

Kyle Barber

Team Lead, Development

Cory Holmes

Senior Front End Developer

Matthew Fournier

Front End Developer

Caleb Lalonde

Front End Developer

Eric Lachapelle

Front End Developer

Tyler Pearce

Front End Developer

Saffat Aziz

Full Stack Developer

Yashika Gupta

Quality Assurance Specialist

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